About Us

Mission and Objectives

  • To effectively and efficiently provide the highest standard of accommodation for residents and tenants while promoting their wellness and independence.
  • To provide opportunities for their participation in leisure, recreation and social activities which foster their continued involvement in family and community life.
  • To take leading role in planning and developing social housing projects in our community as the need arises and the resources become available.
  • The area our association covers is the Town and County of Barrhead, Fort Assiniboine, Swan Hills and surrounding area.
  • To provide and plan preventative maintenance services, which shall ensure a safe, clean, structurally sound and efficiently operated buildings for our residents.
  • To provide food services which meet the daily dietary needs of the residents with tasty, aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable meals, served in a clean and informal dining atmosphere. Canada Food Guide must be followed.
  • To provide housekeeping services, which ensure a high standard of hygiene and minimize maintenance cost in residents rooms and common areas of the lodge.
  • To assure Minimum Standards for the Operations of Lodges are met or exceeded.
  • To provide a high level of safety operation of all safety features and equipment, thorough training of employees and residents in safety procedures.
  • To assist and coordinate personal and health care services to the residents, maintaining their health and independence through preventive personal care.
  • To promote the education and continued learning of the employees as they are our most important asset.
  • To be consistent with the Alberta Housing Act, Residential Tenancies Act, Social Housing Accommodations Regulations and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Protection for Persons in Care Act, the Management Handbook and the Ministerial Order for the Management Body.