Self Contained Housing

Jubilee Manor is a 16 unit Self Contained Facility and Golden Crest is a 32 unit Self Contained Facility. Both Jubilee Manor and Golden Crest are connected to Hillcrest and Klondike Place lodges by pedways. Pembina Court has 24 Self Contained units and is located down the street from the main facility. All three buildings are located in the Town of Barrhead.

We also have 6 Self Contained Units at James & Della Roach Manor located in the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine.

Rent at Self-Contained Units includes:

  • Heat, water and sewer

Extra Charges for Following:

  • Parking
  • Electricity
  • Cable TV
  • Med pendant in Jubilee Manor and Golden Crest

For more information please email.